A question about affiliate Marketing?

I attended a conference about affiliate marketing yesterday for the company that Anthony Morrison owns. I was wondering if anyone ever tried working with this company, and what was your experience with it. I would like to be trained thoroughly on this before I get started because I would like It to be worth my time and effort. I'm not afraid to invest in it as long as it pays off.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I haven't personally taken the course but, any course with a book, is a little late to the show. Simply put outdated.

    With the internet and the switch from search to social / mobile marketing you might want to do a basic wealthy affiliate course for affiliate marketing as a whole. Then dive right in. The main problem most people have, is they don't stick with it.

    Take Action!

    Step # 1 is selecting a niche and analyze the market (for $, marketability, competition, openings).

    Step #2 Simple start building {website, app, email marketing, social identities, new sources of info etc.}

    Tip #1 the game is always evolving, stay digital and convert to the new medium as soon as you can.

    Answering 100 questions on a question and answer site turns into 100 really great blog posts then convert the blog posts into a top 25 article, then create a very informative video with the top 10 Faqs which then you create a lot of great questions that you post socially that your website / blog covers with a link :0

    Somewhere in that information you have the potential to have links that solve problems. Thats where the sweet spot is. If there are products that have an affiliate program attached then you have created a nice little network.

    After you build the network of information, you should already have traffic cominimg in. Analyze and figure out how to get more traffic and test pages, test images, test conversions

  • Jake
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    7 years ago

    Is that the guy with the TV infomercials? I have seen some of his paid material, seems like fairly routine training you could probably get for less from other sources. There are member authored (wso) Internet Marketing courses on warriorforum.com, some for under $10, not all the best quality but can give you an idea of the processes.

    I have seen the name before, just bear in mind that the great majority of people who try to make money with some online business fail, though I prefer the idea of affiliate marketing over some MLM business, the chances of succeeding are probably no better.

  • 7 years ago

    Mr. Morrison makes all of his money from the seminars/conferences and very little of affiliate marketing itself.

    Most (90+%) affiliate marketers make less that $500 for their entire career.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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  • 7 years ago

    I also got the program but when asking for help as what to do i am lost

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