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Did the Nationals make a smart move hiring Matt Williams?

Williams with Harper?

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    I think so.

    You hear a lot about how this is a "new generation" of players...with their multi-million dollar salaries, PR staffs and agents involved in management decisions... that has brought about the need for a new generation of managers.

    The days of a manipulative instigator like Billy Martin or Bobby Valentine are gone. "Comfort level" and "quiet respect" are now the keys. Rizzo and Williams are friends going back to their D-Backs days. Williams can be a quiet leader, but can also get in player's faces when necessary... and he has the career stats to command their respect.

  • Are you hinting that the Nats new manager Matt Williams won't be able to relate to Bryce Harper and therefore will not get his cooperation or are you hinting the opposite?

    Matt and Bryce will get along just fine and now that Harper has had the benefit of two seasons in the big show, I think he will show more of his potential and have a breakout type season.

    Now, if Bryce can just avoid running into outfield walls, all will be good.

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    7 years ago

    No one knows the game better than Williams.

    Source(s): D'Backs fan.
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    7 years ago

    All though I am not a fan of the Nationals I still think this was a great move on that organizations part.

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  • 7 years ago

    On paper, yes, how the players respond, well only time will tell.

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