Would you kill a man to save the whoel world yet its against your morals and beliefs.?

Hello. I have been thinking about this question a lot. For me I am agnostic and I am more into the belief of creationism and religion and God. It is against my morals to kill a man yet so it is in christianity. I was raised in Christianity btw so I still kinda am scared of going to hell and such. Now if America was lead by a dictator and he enslaved all of america and killed millions of people in other countries to gain more control. Now picture you in the scenario and you start a rebellion. Now would you kill his soldiers and the dictator to save the whole world? Now I don't have an answer cuz its my morals and I would be afraid to go to hell. So please answer this question and help me answer it myself. I mean to me its his decision I mean yeah if I was in the scenario yeah I saved the world but I killed people but would I go to hell for murder or heaven for saving the world? Not saying its gonna happen. Hope it doesnt. Not saying Im gonna save the world one day dont have time 4 it XP

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