Is there a place other than the service?

I was wondering is there a place in Fort Worth Texas were I can go to train for the police academy . I was asking because I want to make sure im prepared to what they have to offer. Please and thank you , :)

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  • 7 years ago
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    If you google Texas private police academy training, you will find about 10 pages of listings. These ranges as far north as Amarillo to Brownsville and from Beaumont to El Paso. More good news is that most of these are at the community college level. The closest one to you probably being TCCC.

    This training is anywhere from a 6 week course to a semester. I'd look at these options, read their curriculum and figure out which one best suits your needs.

    Also, google DPS certified security programs. These are inexpensive weekend courses taught around the state. No, I'm not saying you want to be a security guard but "Level 2" teaches firearm handling, handcuffing, and other things that you would have a heard start in your classmates on. And something you could take one weekend before say enrolling Ina course for the Spring semester.

    Best of luck in your endeavor,


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