Car detailing for a first time car owner?

I am getting a new 2013 MK6 Volkswagen GTI, excited is an understatement. This is my first nice car, and I wanna know how to correctly hand wash and detail the outside of my car. Including waxing, clay bars etc. I used to just go to a car wash, but this is my baby. Please let me know the correct steps and what products to use! I wanna do her right. Also, I read I shouldn't wax a new car immediately because it isn't good for the paint. Is that true? Thank you for your wisdom

- A car lover

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    Favorite Answer Has some good reviews and tips on car waxes and stuff, but for the purpose of convenience I will talk about over the counter products.

    1)Washing your car: (I use Meguiars ultimate car wash)

    Get as much foam as you can and use a microfiber wash mitt as that will prevent any hairline scratches and use a 2 bucket system (1 for soap, 1 for rinsing the mitt) always rinse the car first to remove any dirt.

    DON'T forget to dry your car, the water may be rich in minerals and could etch your clear coat if your leave water specks to air dry on the car, use a squeegee or towel.

    2)Claying: (Meguiars clay bar set seems to be the most aggressive at removing stuff that is stuck)

    This will remove anything left sticking to the clear coat like sap, tar, dead bugs, and even old car wax(best for applying a new layer of wax)

    3)Compound: (Meguairs ultimate compound)

    Like the polishing step this is not necessary but compounding will remove deeper scratches and imperfections.

    4)Polish: (Meguiars Ultimate polish)

    This step is not necessary unless you have a lot of swirl marks or spider web looking scratches.

    5)Wax: (Meguiars NXT tech wax, Meguiars Ultimate wax)

    I like to use paste waxes but liquid ones are fine too, apply a thin layer, caking it on will just waste product, apply 2 times to make sure there is even coverage.

    I would recommend a buffer machine if you are lazy like I am but it is well worth it if you are OCD about the finish of your car.

    This one is pretty cheap

    I use these pads

    For polishing I set the speed to about 3-4, spray the polishing pad with a little bit of detailing spray to get the pad moist and apply the polish and work in small sections like 1/4 of a hood at a time.

    For compounding I do 4-5 with the cutting pad with the same method.

    Source(s): Hope I was able to give you a good overview of what to expect with detailing the exterior of your car.
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  • 6 years ago is the top Car Detailing Perth companies. We have all the necessary resources and technical expertise to help you completely eliminate any kind of vehicle odor or smell. Our Auto Detailing Perth services also include paint protection services to help you maintain the shine of your cars for many years. We will efficiently rejuvenate you cars, both internally and externally.

    Find below the some car detailing tips for a first time car owner.

    Exterior Detailing:

    High Pressure Wash and Wax

    Rinse & Chamois Dry

    Wheels & Brake Dust & Archers & Tyres Cleaning

    Tyre Shine Protection

    Exterior Glass Clean

    Optional – Engine bay cleaning: Only engine side/under bonnet touch up.

    Interior Detailing:

    Clean Matts

    Cup Holder Clean

    Seat,Carpet and Boot Vacuum

    Dashboard/Center Console Deep Clean & Gloss

    Interior Glass Cleaning

    Door Pockets Cleaning

    Ashtrays Cleaned

    Door Jam & Sills Cleaning

    Door Gap Clean & Wiped

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    Source(s): Vehicle Complete Record
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