Is Ed Snowden still credible when he informs on US intelligence to the Europeans?

I thought Edward Snowden was all about letting Americans know they were being spied on! So, what's he doing informing the Europeans too?? Doesn't he know they spy on the US too? Or is he so naive as to believe only the US does it to its allies?

At what point does Snowden lose his credibility?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Is Ed Snowden still credible when he informs on US intelligence to the Europeans? - No, in the context that applies to Edward Snowden a whistleblower is means someone who discloses waste, fraud, abuse and/or corruption by a government agency to the appropriate authorities. [1][2] The leaks regarding foreign intelligence operations undertaken by the NSA are clearly outside the realm of that definition.

    IMO he lost all credibility when he decided not to take the information on the alleged privacy abuses against U.S. citizens to the appropriate authorities. Instead he absconded with those stolen documents to a rival nation and leaked them to the news media. Some would disagree with that however so if I was to be generous I'd say he lost his last shreds of credibility when he decided to disclose info on completely legitimate intelligence operations targeting China in an attempt to "ingratiate himself to the people of Hong Kong and China.” [3]

    So, what's he doing informing the Europeans too? - In Snowden's defense this is more attributable to Glenn Greenwald and his clique than Snowden though he bears the ultimate responsibility for the leaks. That said the most obvious answer as to why and when these leaks about U.S. spying on other countries is taking place is to hurt American foreign relations and the U.S. intelligence community.

    Doesn't he know they spy on the US too? - Probably, but it's pretty clear that he and those associated with him aren't interested in any of the spying that other countries are doing.

    Or is he so naive as to believe only the US does it to its allies? - I sincerely hope he's not that ignorant of the realities of spying.

    At what point does Snowden lose his credibility? - As I said before I think he lost all his credibility from the start of this whole fiasco.

  • 7 years ago

    Because people like you are willing to continue tolerating this out of our government because you've been told not to worry about it.

    Snowden is realizing right now, just like many of us on the right are realizing, that when it's a Democrat like Obama, you all don't care that you're being spied upon. It only matters if the media tells you on the left that it matters, and right now 95% of media is telling you that it doesn't matter, that other issues of of more importance.

    Snowden realizes this, although, he's probably lumping us on the right in with you all in blaming us for not wanting to do something about it, but that's probably why he's telling them. He figures if we the citizens won't do something about it, perhaps other nations will.

    Personally, I hate what Obama has done regarding personal privacy, as does almost the entirety of the right. We even hated what Bush did. I remember in a right-wing discussion I was having with a group of people, we discussed the Patriot Act and how much more disconcerting it would be when/if a Democrat president were to obtain that power.

    None of us liked the Patriot Act, no matter how much it was touted as a solution, but we didn't know of any other option. Now, we certainly hate Obama taking it 10 times further than Bush ever even attempted too, and then adding this NSA thing was even worse. We on the right have never liked this route that government has been taking. But we simply do not have enough people to raise a fuss about it enough that it would cause Democrats to be willing to dismantle the NSA thing.

    Remember PIPA and SOPA, when we on the right railed against it, our politicians backed off from supporting it. When you on the left were told by internet outlets not to support so much, you on the left started railing against it as well. Your politicians, only some of them backed off, but many of them stayed supporting the bill because they know that you all won't hold them accountable come election day. So many of them didn't care, and kept trying to get it passed. Fortunately, with all Republicans backing away from it, and the few Democrats that actually listened to you all backed away, it was enough for it to fail rather efficiently.

  • 7 years ago

    Angela Merkel backs Snowden up, saying she knows her phone is being bugged by the US. He is telling the truth. Just because you may not like the truth doesn't change the fact that under this administration we have lost due process and the government is spying on everything and everyone, just like in North Korea.

  • 7 years ago

    Snowden is still credible. Just read the newspaper and see how Europe reacts. Sorry he doesn't fit into your pigeon-hole. I can't say I agree 100% with what he's done, but that doesn't detract from his credibility.

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