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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureOther - Society & Culture · 7 years ago

Why do most people in the black community do this?

At work today, there were girls laughing behind my back around other guys I know don't really have interest in me because they are dating other girls who work at the place. Then, they wanted me to do things like "twerk." It will probably be on facebook so anyone reading this, if you see a video with me "twerking" it wasn't because I was trying to be "out there" I'm just a professional dancer. At work, one boy tells me another guy like me and the same guy the person is talking about says the person who says hes like me like me. Then today, this one girl out of the blue tells me a guy at the bar wants my number and starts laughing with another coworker. Then the bar guy says he is straight up gay and starts laughing even though I know he's not. The other guy who works at the bar heard him and started giving me a dirty look before I told them I had a boyfriend. Then they commented, "oh well that's what's up?'

All these girls do is sit up in these guys faces and flirt and then they make me uncomfortable by putting me on the spot. I don't really need to flirt with any of these boys because I already have a boyfriend and when I try to tell they act like they don't believe me.

I'm going to tell my measurements online because I don't I look all that bad for me to be made fun of in that way. I'm a 34 DDD 28 36 and 5 Ft 9 so I'm curvy but I'm not fat. Most of the girls and guys are thinner than me. Some are the same dress size or bigger, but what happened made me feel like they are making fun of me. I don't know what they are making fun of because I come in, do my job and don't really say nothing to nobody. What is your opinion about this and how can I approach them (mind you this is my job)


I understand that, but why are they doing it, because it's been happening my entire life.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Ignore them.... Take it all in your's too short to waste on ignorant idiots, so just live it XD...YOLO

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  • 7 years ago

    .....this is obviously beneath you...GOOD...just move on.... it is all a part of maturing in a graceful manner, and so you proud of you.....

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