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How to make more power for BRZ?

So recently I have been looking into getting an affordable entry level sports car as a daily driver. The BRZ/FRS are the hot items right now. However I would really like a little more power out of it. I always figured I would wait to see if a turbo version comes out but Im not so sure thats going to be happening any time soon. PLEASE correct me if I am wrong and that there is a more powerful version coming out. Anyways I wouldnt mind it if the car was making around 280hp-300hp. Any suggestions? Keep in mind that I want this car to still be a decent commuter and affordable. Idk about turbo kits. I know Crawford has one but it puts out way more power then i need and is very expensive. Honestly if a supercharger can do the job or other mods that keep it naturally aspirated let me know. Idk if there are chips, exhausts, intakes or anything else out there that can get it to the desired horsepower without being too expensive. I really considered the S2000 as well but i actually like having back seats (regardless if they are roomie) and Im not too into convertibles. I could just get a new v6 mustang that already has the power for the same price and I do love mustangs but I feel like everyone has one and I want something that can handle well and make me feel low to the ground in a cockpit. So if you guys know of decent mods or if I should just go for the S2000 or something just let me know. Thanks so much guys!

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  • LP700
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    7 years ago
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    The FRS/BRZ is still more fun to drive than a Mustang V6. There is a supercharger option for the FRS/BRZ(it's sold through Toyota TRD). I think its a gain of 20-30hp(not a lot) but when you look at the weight-power ratio of the BRZ/FRS and compare it to the Mustang V6, it's the about same if not better. The mustang weights more, therefore it needs more power. The BRZ/FRS weights less, so less power is needed.

    If you really want power you could buy a FRS/BRZ now and then wait a few years for the power mods. There is currently no turbo kit avaliable for the cars.

    I know a guy with a BRZ Limited 6-speed. He says 200hp is just right. He uses it as a daily driver. Putting on any mods like a supercharger will decrease the MPG. He gets about 37mpg highway. You can do a CAI, Full exhaust system, And ECU tune to gain like 15hp.

    If I were you I'd buy a FRS and spend $5,000 for a used Mustang GT or Camaro SS that I could use on the weekends.

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