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Can you concede a touchdown to opponents?

In NFL football, is there a provision in the rules that would allow a team to concede a touchdown to the other team? (sort of like an intentional walk in baseball)

If a team is losing by 1 with time running out and the other team has the ball, giving them an instant touchdown would get your team another possionion of the ball, down by 8 points. Otherwise, you might never get the ball at all.

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    Your question is what basically happened in Super Bowl XXXII (January 1998).

    With the game tied 24-24 at the two minute warning of the 4th quarter the Broncos had first-and-goal at the Green Bay 8 yard line.

    A holding penalty moved Denver back to the 18-yard line, but Terrell Davis gained 17 to the 1-yard line and the Broncos called timeout.

    This left Denver facing second and goal with 1:47 left on the clock. The Packers had two timeouts remaining.

    Green Bay coach Mike Holmgren instructed his defense to let the Broncos score on the next play. His thinking was that if his defense held Denver to only a field goal, the Packers would have burned both timeouts following second and third downs. By conceding the touchdown, Holmgren maximized the time Green Bay would have on the clock for a potentially game-tying drive and he would still have those two timeouts available. Holmgren admitted afterwards that he had thought that it was first and goal rather than second and goal after Davis' run. His misjudgement was crucial to clock management decision making on the play.

    So on second and goal at the 1 the Packer defense parted like the Red Sea which allowed Davis to waltz untouched into the end zone and give Denver a 31-24 lead with 1:45 left on the clock.

    The play is referred to as "the concession touchdown", and in 2006 Holmgren said that if put in the same situation he would do it again.

    In the end, Green Bay would only get as far as the Denver 31-yard line before failing to convert on fourth down with under 30 seconds to play, at which point John Elway took a knee to end the game.

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    Right. Which is why you can't do it, and many smart teams have run out the clock with the lead deep in the other teams end of the field.

    Line up in the victory formation and game over.

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    No, but just like an intentional walk, you can physically allow them to score.

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    no clock management is part of the game , Don Shula was the master of it

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