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When is it right to hit a girl?

Alright yes i know,im a guy and i know im not supposed to hit a girl.Im a very kind person actually,even though some of you may disagre beacuse i asked this question but i have a good reason.I never hit people and i rarely punched them if they hit me first,but i just have to do it and defend myself sometimes.But the problem is the girls.I cant hit them and i feel like a huge massive jerk if i do,but she hit me first today.To make matters worse this girl is my cousin,and she is very agressive.Basicly she has a very short temper and is giving punches away,especialy to me.But i dont know what to do?I mean she is family plus a girl but i feel like a total wimp just letting her punch me and think that im here personal punching bag thats afraid to hit back.I mean she isnt a bully,but she really doesnt act like a cousin should.She doesnt stand up for me (she actually agrees with the person against me)she calls me useless and incompotent,swears at me,she seems to dislike the fact that im here cousin and as you probalby know by the question punches me when she gets mad(sometimes she punches me because i tease her,but i doubt a simple family or friendly tease is worth a punch in the arm or leg) So what should i do?The next time she does it,should i punch her back or should i do something different?(Altough i doubt words would work,because she isnt a good listener.

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    Ummmm you should hit her back.I can careless if its a women ....Society teaches that its not okay to hit women. It's not okay for a man to hit a female if she DID NOT hit him first!!!!!!If shes abusing you then you have every right to hit her azz back!!!!!!!!!! If you two are arguing and she comes at you with a knife, are you going to stand there and let her do this or youre going to defend yourself and knock her azz out??? Some women be taking advantage just because theyre woman. Let me tell you this, if you KNOCK her behind out one time she'll leave you alone. Don't worry about what others think. You might not know this but theres a lot of men out there that will agree with you hitting her back just because you was defending yourself so youre not the only one. You should get a women to knock her out as well. Folks be going too far nowadays. Shes doing this because she sees youre not doing anything about it (By the way, I' am a woman and I agree that you should knock her out!!!)

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    I don't think you should just bluntly pop her in the face, but definitely defend yourself. It is sad that it's such a double standard with guys and girls hitting each other. Block her whenever she tries to come at you - stay on the defense (so you're not getting your tail kicked) but don't jump into heavy offense. Plus, why not just avoid this crazy cousin? It's obvious that you don't enjoy being around her, so don't.

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    I think you should tell her parents so they know whats going on,block the punches or just stay away from her,you didn't say how old you or she is,the only time I think a guy should hit a girl/ woman is to protect himself from being hurt bad or killed,take a self defense course and learn how to stop her with out hitting her,your police Dept. might be able to help you,check with them.Good luck.

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    I really do not think that you should hit her back, but I would advise you to block or grab her fist when she goes to punch you so you can STOP her.

    One of these days, she is going to hit some guy and he is not going to be as nice as you and he is going to beat the living daylights out of her.

    Best of luck :)

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    Never, unless she hits you.

    If the does, then all bets are off.

    Maybe the day a guy beats the crap out of her, she'll learn to control that temper of hers.

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    i hate girls like that, they punch a guy and think its ok because they're a girl and nothing will happen which is most likely true. but girls fought to be equal to men so lets treat them equal if she hits you twice do the same thing back! it is self defense.

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    Kick her! Or

    Push her ! Whatever you do don't hit her

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