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The Background of the Reconstruction Era.?

Please, can someone answer me the background of the reconstruction era, this around 1865+.

Please answer quickly.

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    The Reconstruction Era (1865-1877) was a period to literally put the Union back together following the American Civil War. President Andrew Johnson was incapable of working with the U.S. Congress. The radical Republicans wanted to to punish the South for the Civil War. These radical Republicans went so far as to see that Johnson was impeached. During his trial in the U.S. Senate he was one vote shy of being removed from office.

    The Southerners hated the occupation of the South by federal troops. When Grant was elected president he did nothing to end the federal occupation, because he was not prepared to fight his own political party (Republicans).

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    The Union had won the American Civil War,and the Radical Republicans that dominated Congress wanted to punish the states in the South that had seceded,and to dominate these states economically and politically for as long as they could.

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