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Name 5 kids with these old fashioned names?

Genders up to you! :) You can spell them any way you want, any nicknames :)


Samuel, Tristan, Charles, William, Everett, Edward, Dalton, David, Vincent, Harris, Frederick, Issac, Matthew, Collin, Hugh, Randall, Adam, Tobias (Toby if you want), Thomas, Marcus (mark if you want), Dominic, Reid, Pierce, Scott, Oliver, Victor, George, Abraham, Brendan, Jonathan, James, Michael, Miles, Julian, Sebastian, Christopher, Brian, Edmond, Peter, Gavin, Noah, Chad, Levi, Paul, Robert, Simon, Nathaniel, Daniel, Joshua, Stephen, Benjamin, Russel, Jack, Elijah, Harrison, Andrew, Desmond, Dorian, Roger, Keith, Waylon, Howard, Arthur, Joseph, Ethan, Felix, Caleb, Lance, Drake, Connor, Henry, Seth, Alfred, Bruce, Clark, Kevin, Evander, Jacob, Lewis


Sarah, Delilah, Esme, Rose, Rosalie, Rosaline, Hannah, Nicole, Catherine, Leah, Sophia, Olivia, Ruby, Adelle, Jane, Violet, Isabelle, Isabella, Gabrielle, Gabriella, Winifred, Felicity, Fiona, Natalie, Amelia, Evelyn, Eve, Evangeline, Iris, Samantha, Sophie, Caroline, Mary, Teresa, Ruth, Helen, Helena, Natalia, Abigail, Beatrice, Juliet, Valentina, Jacqueline, Celeste, Cecilia, Camille, Camilla, Gwendolyn, Arabella, Guinevere, Madeleine, Elise, Annabelle, Anna, Elizabeth, Josephine, Vanessa, Victoria, Molly, Vera, Rachel, Rebecca, Amy, Esther, Judith, Lacey, Caitlin, Alice, Audrey, Heidi, Charlotte, Scarlett, Marilyn, Greta, Pearl, Noelle, Grace, Savannah



Ethan Charles

Tristan Drake

Heidi Isabelle

Natalia Grace

Madeleine Ruby

You can do more than 5 if you want too! :)

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    ♂ вσуѕ –

    » Henry William

    » Simon Frederick

    » Marcus Jonathan

    » Thomas Benjamin

    » Felix Sebastian

    » Edward Dominic

    » Paul Christopher

    » George Nathaniel

    » Andrew Joseph

    ♀ gιяℓѕ –

    » Caroline Esmé

    » Rosalie Helena

    » Alice Guinevere

    » Victoria Audrey

    » Grace Josephine

    » Violet Evangeline

    » Juliet Madeleine

    » Ruth Catherine

    » Charlotte Ruby

    » Amelia Beatrice

    ♡ Henry, Simon, Marcus, Thomas, Felix, Eddie, Paul, George, Andy, Carrie, Rose, Alice, Victoria, Grace, Violet, Juliet, Ruthie, Lottie and Amelia. ♡

    ~ ℇℓℓe♥

  • Paula
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    7 years ago


    Jack Henry Marcus

    Oliver Julian Charles

    Felix George Elijah

    Arthur Randell Caleb

    Collin Miles Sebastian


    Esme Felicity Abigail

    Beatrice Helena Violet

    Valentina Sophie Grace

    Ruby Guinevere Charlotte

    Alice Noelle Rose

  • 7 years ago

    William Vincent

    Adam Sebastian

    Thomas Harrison

    Christopher Toby

    Oliver Henry

    Helena Nicole

    Catherine Heidi

    Elizabeth Madeline

    Abigail Sophia

    Jane Esther

  • Skylar
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    7 years ago


    Harrison James

    Desmond Jack

    Henry Andrew

    Edmond Victor

    Thomas Oliver


    Ruby Rose

    Noelle Juliet

    Delilah Nicole

    Elizabeth Grace

    Beatrice Esme

    Judith Lacey

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  • 7 years ago

    Daniel Oliver

    William Joshua "Liam"

    Matthew Caleb

    Benjamin Henry "Ben"

    Nathaniel Ethan

    Olivia Nicole "Livi"

    Anna Molly

    Sophia Elise

    Charlotte Abigail

    Grace Rosalie

  • 7 years ago


    1)Noah Ethan

    2)Andrew Joshua

    3)Christopher William

    4)Joseph Connor

    5)Harrison Jacob

    Noah, Drew, Chris, Joey, & Harrison


    1)Olivia Rebecca

    2)Anna Rachel

    3)Caitlin Vanessa

    4)Madeline Sophia

    5)Isabella Felicity

    Olivia, Anna, Caitlin, Maddie, & Isabella

  • 7 years ago

    All girls!

    Savannah Eve

    Charlotte Rose

    Scarlett Olivia

    Juliette Evelyn

    Leah Noelle

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Helena, Valentina, Camilla, Sophia, Isabella, Natalia.

  • Naomi
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    7 years ago

    Joseph Benjamin "Joey"

    Valentina Celeste "Vally"

    Arthur Henry "Artie"

    Tobias Matthew "Toby"

    Abigail Ruth "Abbey"

    **Joey, Vally, Artie, Toby, and Abbey**

  • n
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    7 years ago

    • Miles Robert "Rob"

    • Leah Juliet "Jet"

    • Audrey Celeste "Elle"

    • Rachel Victoria "Tori"

    • Violet Sophia "Soph"

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