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What skateboard should I get?

I have never skated in my life, and I want to start now. I know absolutely nothing about longboards besides the fact that i want one with a pointy front and a back that is flipped up a bit.

Im a uni student so it will mostly be for getting around and just having fun, but i guess ill probably learn tricks later.

basically i just want to know

- should i get a built one or make it myself?

- what length should i get (friends have told me 28" - 34" - whatever that is)?

- What is the difference between all these trucks im seeing on skate sites?

- What is the difference between all these wheels im seeing on skate sites (Hardness, diameter)?

- What kind of price should i pay for a starter board?


Forgot to add that I want a cruiser long board

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    I would build one because the price usually comes out cheaper and you get what you want. It's custom and fun to assemble

    I wouldn't worry about length. Just know longer is heavier and more stable; on the other hand, short is just the opposite lighter and turns sharper. Shorter boards generally are more prone to speed wobbles, which is why downhill boards are longer. Avoid most downhill boards for cruising, because some are really tough to maneuver.

    With trucks, try to keep it the same width as the deck is the basic rule. Also consider smaller width trucks if you get wide off-set wheels like zig-zags by abec 11.

    For hardness, lower numbers in the range of 78a-84a are great for cruising.

    low numbers quiets road noises and adds more grip.

    higher numbers are louder but are faster.

    If the road is really rough look into the 78a. if the road is ultra smooth, look into the 86a.

    watch out for the hard hard wheels that reach into 96a and higher, those will be just loud and obnoxious for cruising.

    another wheel issue, bigger wheels roll faster on level ground while smaller wheels accelerate faster pushing uphill and for frequent stopping.

    brands I like are

    trucks: calibers, independent, bear grizzlies, gunmetal

    deck: never summer, landyachtz.

    bearings: bones redz or mini logos

    wheels: abec 11, oranangatang, seismic

    hardware: allen style not philips. shorties

    bushings: venom

    consider dropthrough deck for a lower to the ground experience for effortless pushing and to avoid wheels bite.

    also consider if you want kicktails for manual turns around those tight corners. For a deck that does it all check out the Never Summer Hooligan. And I forgot to mention flex, if you weigh over 185 lbs, then avoid flex.

    smallest longboard wheel- seismic rippler and bones atf

    websites I like: for longboards for trick or pool decks

    for a helpful forum to ask questions and research, checkout this site

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    It really doesn't matter. Im 13 and i have been skating for a while and i learned in like 5 days. A penny board was the first skateboard i got. Really it doesn't matter your weight or hight.

    I say look up some videos on youtube of people skating original skateboards, long boards, penny boards, penny nickel boards, or even banana boards. I think it was easiest with the penny board or original skateboard.The wheels don't really matter in the beginning. Since you are a beginner don't get a custom made one just ease into it and get the feeling.

    It costs around $100-150 but my first was on amazon for $80. I still have it and it works perfectly. Dont worry about the brand remember you are a beginner.

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