Greys Anatomy: what happened to?

Make alex hit his dad like that?

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  • 6 years ago
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    His Dad was an alcoholic/drug addict who beat Alex and his brother and he left his family. A few weeks back his Dad came into the ER as a John Doe overdose and after being released after Jo told him he should try and have a relationship with his Dad, he started going to see him play guitar with him when Alex said his dad taught him a song when he was a kid. So when Alex starts asking his dad about his family he starts talking about his son and Alex thinks he's talking about him when he pulls a picture of a 5 yro boy and says he hasn't seen him in a while. Alex hits him first because it wasn't his picture but also telling him the kid is better off not knowing him and to stay out of the boys life. I think it's then his father realizes who Alex is.

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