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Can I change the type of my visa from B1 to HB2 once in the USA?

I want to go to the USA for volunteering under a B1 visitor or VWP visa, I wonder if after my volunteering activities there I can search for a paid job and then chage my type of visa accordingly to HB2. The reason I ask this is because normally B1 or WVP have a maximum amount of days and I wonder how long it would take to obtain the HB2 visa. Thanks

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    maybe if you go on a B, definitely not if you go Visa Waiver. you can't change status in the US if you enter on Visa Waiver. it's very difficult to say how long it would take to find an employer to even file for you on an H2b petition. You might well not find anyone at all, that would depend a lot on you and we know nothing about you at this point.

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    No way! First, you cannot work of any kind on B2 visa or VWP (ESTA), not even volunteer work. That's ONLY for tourism, visits. Furthermore, you cannot look for work or do anything which indicates any intent to remain - that's visa fraud. Such fraud is grounds for deportation (or mandatory departure at your expense) & permanent bar to reentry.

    Only qualified employers can apply for any employment visa for their qualified foreign worker. Visas, if approved, are issued in your country of citizenship - where you would be interviewed as part of the application process.

    H1-b visa application period currently closed. And is your master's or PhD in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) occupation? What specialized expertise do you hold beyond the master's degree? Without all that, you are not even qualified for H1-b. H2-b is seriously restricted as well.

    Any employment visa is hard to get. Real US unemployment rate is 23.4%. For age 16-24, including recent grads, new entrants to US workforce, unemployment exceeds 53%. Even US engineers who graduated in the top 10% of their class from the most respected US engineering schools cannot find work. And engineering is supposedly the "hot ticket" for US jobs. LOL!

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    nice try, no score. you have to be in your usual place of residence for the HB type visa to be issued.

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