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Finding new Ray Liotta Movies?

Ray Liotta (plays Jack in Wild Hogs) is one of my favorite actors. I own"John Q" and "Wild Hogs". But I want movies where he is one of main character. I want a collector's set or a Double Feature of his movies. I went to Walmart yesterday and they don't have any double features or collector's sets of his movies. (The diff is that a collector's set has 4 or more movies in one and double features have only 2). Movies where he's the star actor are: "The River Murders", "Identity", "Hero Wanted", "No Escape", "Control", "Dominick and Eugene", "Something Wild", "Heartbreakers", "The Entitled", "All Things Fall Apart" (doesn't have to be double features or collector's, can be single features but $10 or less)

What other store chains have Ray Liotta Movies besides Walmart since looked already? (It is hard to find Ray Liotta movies since most of his movies were made in the 80's.)

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    All the retail stores really have limited selections these days, you'd be better off looking online - is your best bet or sites like Movies Unlimited. Now, Liotta has been the lead in a handful of films, especially lately. He's an actor along the lines of Kevin Bacon, where he's star caliber but he's really best in gritty tough roles, and those aren't usually the lead characters. And I doubt there's any multi-feature dvd's for him.

    Here's a list from movies unlimited of films he's in

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