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why are my violation appeals not being answered?

i have recently appealed two of my questions being falsely reported and removed, i appealed two last night after midnight, and the other, 2 days ago .....i have won a few appeals in the past when my questions were falsely targeted and lost a few.........but this time, it appears my appeals are going unanswered ?

im eager to hear back as i know the two questions i asked did not break the guidelines, so im positive i can win the appeals......but ive not heard any response from the yahoo staff ?

what should i do? is the only thing i can do is wait ? or what else ?

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    Patience is a virtue. Some take hours, some take days or longer. If you don't receive an answer within a few days, and you truly want to pursue the issue further, you can try using the alternate form:

    Use the drop menus there to select what you want to appeal, follow through until you get the ENTER prompt. Then click "Email a Customer Care agent", finish the form, type the CAPTCHA code and send it in. Sometimes that works better.

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    Like i told you yesterday when you asked about this...Wait a few more days and then use the alternate link posted in my answer. Your question that was reported was not a violation so you should win that appeal.

    My answer from yesterday

    You can try asking about this and your stalking problem on the Suggestion board rather than asking about it here over and over as that will not help or change the situation.

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  • 6 years ago

    Response time seems to vary, I've had replies In less than an hour other times a week which leads me to believe it could depend on the workload; sometimes I've never heard back which would indicate there is a periodic glitch and my appeal has been lost. Probably all you can do is wait.

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