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If William had not received a title on his wedding day and instead remained Prince William of Wales, then...?

what would Prince George be known as today, for certainly he wouldn't have been Prince George of Cambridge.


@DANIEL W, I am not asking for your opinion as to the unusuality of receiving the title or not, rather what would George's territorial designation be.

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    He'd be Prince George of Wales; children take on the titles and stylings associated with what goes with the father's titles. William is Prince William of Wales, so, without the peerage title, his children would have been Prince--- and Princess-- of Wales.

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    He'd still be Prince George as the oldest son of the oldest son of the Prince of Wales is entitled to the title HRH and "Prince" (according to a Letters Patent of George V issued in 1917). The Queen clarified this dueing Kate's preganancy be saying all William's Children would bear the title HRH And "Prince" of "Princess".

    However, it would have been unusual if William had not been given a title of his own.

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    The 'of Cambridge' wouldn't apply, you are correct. I imagine he'd be known as HRH Prince George. As he is already - he doesn't necessarily need to have the 'of Cambridge' used. I think it highly unlikely however, that Prince William wouldn't have been given some title like Duke of somewhere!!!

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