My wireless connection doesn't work when teh cable is unplugged?

My wireless connection was working well! Its broadband wifi modem that I use! But two days back I unplugged its wires for some reason and then there was no Network access at all I amende3d teh configuration at and it started working as LAN but as soon as I unplug the cable it doesn't work it shows a yellow triangle stating Limited Access! Or No Network Access!

Cud you help! I have tried the configuration and all! And the troubleshooting report at the wireless configuration page says

Test the connection to your local network

Test your Ethernet Connection: PASS

Test DSL Synchronization: PASS

F4 OAM Test

Test your F4 OAM Segment : FAIL

Test your F4 OAM ETOE : FAIL

F5 OAM Test

Test your F5 OAM Segment : PASS

Test your F5 OAM ETOE : PASS

Test the connection to your Internet service provider

Test PPP server connection: PASS

Test authentication with ISP: PASS

Test the assigned IP address: PASS

Ping default gateway: PASS

Ping primary Domain Name Server: PASS

I strongly feel its alright but a tiny thing is missing! And it will be sorted if cud locate that tinny mishap! Wud be grateful to you for your kind answers!

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  • David
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    7 years ago
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    Try creating a new wireless ID and network key. Go to the Wireless Lan settings and then you will SSID so change the SSID and this would be your network`s name. Then go to subsection security and select WPA2-PSK or simple WPA-PSK then enter your desired network key. Once done with all these things the click apply and reboot if prompted.

    Good Luck.

  • 7 years ago

    Can you do below two tests from your laptop when connected with Wire and Wireless respectively?

    1. Ping

    2. Ping

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