Canada and the United States?

What does Canada have that the u.s doesn't? And what does the u.s have that Canada doesn't?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Canada has that US doesn't

    - 18/19 drinking/gambling age


    - Celsius instead of fahrenheit

    - Good beer

    - Roll up the rim to win

    - Universal health care

    - Loonies and Toonies (1 & 2 $ coins)

    - Two official languages

    - Quality poutine

    - Metric system

    - Banned guns

    - No death penalty

    - Same sex marriage nationwide

    - A Queen

    - Polymer tear/waterproof money

    - Swiss Chalet

    - Beavers and Canada geese everywhere

    USA has that Canada doesn't

    - Tropical beaches

    - Large selection of fast food restaurants

    - High gun crime

    - NFL

    - Texas

    - KKK

    - Legal machine guns

    - Crocodiles/Alligators

    - Nascar

    - A president

    - Large film industry

    Things Canada & US share and wish would go away

    - Justin Beiber.

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    7 years ago

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    3) Citizenship by wedding ceremony doesn't work in Canada. wed to a Canadian or not he will still need to qualify to immigrate.

    4) Quickest way? There is no quick way. There is only the right way and how long it takes or how very simple it will be counts on his circumstance and if he specifies.

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