E-readers that have Google Play store?

I was hoping to find an E-reader (Like the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch, Kindle Paperwhite, etc) that can run Google Play apps.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Not natively.

    Kindle Paperwhite is not an Android device - the OS is Linux. No Google Play possibility as far as I know.

    Re Nook Simpletouch...

    According to Wikipedia "As an Android device, the Nook Simple Touch can be modified to run Android applications (including through Google Play) through a process called rooting, which grants users root access to the Nook Simple Touch's file system. Doing so voids the device's warranty in some jurisdictions,[17] although it can often be restored to (non-rooted) factory defaults for warranty claims.[18]"

    (you would have to research if this is still possible)

    However you may be disappointed since you cannot do fast animation on eInk - eInk is slow.

    The new Nook HD color tablets (2013 models) can now use the Google Play store out of the box.

    The Kindle Fire HD color tablets use the Amazon App store (though there may be some break-your-warranty way to root them and get the Play Store to work)

    Obviously Google-approved color Android tablets like Nexus 7 use Google Play.

    All android tablets can use apps to read Kindle and Nook books.

  • 7 years ago

    For that you need to decide whether you need a tablet or an eReader. Since eReaders are strictly for reading purpose, you wont get any other feature from it except emails and books. Whereas the tablets are for many purposes. I.e games, movies, tv shows, apps, facebook/twitter, web browsing, reading books/magazines/blogs etc then Nook HD (being an eReader tablet) would be the best option as it comes with Google Play store.

    See this discussion on Kindle Paperwhite vs Nook HD and which one is better for you:


    The eInk display is good for reading even under direct sunlight (a quality which a tablet can never give because of LCD screen. But still the anti-glare screen works really well.

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