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Al asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 7 years ago

Michael Vick or Tony Romo Week 8?

I'm in a 10 team league and can't decide between Romo(vs. Detroit) or Vick (vs. NYG). Also does the rest of my line up look fine?

QB- Michael Vick

RB- Adrian Peterson

RB- Frank Gore

WR- AJ Green

WR- Calvin Johnson

TE- Julius Thomas

Flex- Fred Jackson

K- Sebastian Janikowski

Def- Seahawks


QB- Tony Romo

RB- Giovanni Bernard

WR- Josh Gordon

WR- Percy Harvin

WR- Charles Clay

Def- Carolina Panthers

2 Answers

  • 7 years ago
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    Romo easily. He's just had a much better season than Vick, just taking Vick's healthy games into consideration. Both play in fast offenses anyways, so its not like Vick has a fantasy advantage there.

    Not only that, but Romo has the better matchup. The Giants might be a terrible team, but most of that is on that pitiful offense. Their defense is solid. Lions have a good pass rush but are nothing special at all after that.

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  • 7 years ago

    romo. vick is always getting hurt

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