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Should I ask this guy to dance?

Help I like 2 guys & I'm so confused & I want to ask one to dance but idk who, I was planning on guy 1 but I'm starting to like guy 2 more I think

Guy 1: I have a class w him & he's new this year. He used to b quiet but he's hanging out w the really obnoxious guys & I'm afraid that they're starting to rub off on him

Guy 2: is really nice & cute but I have no classes with. I was starting to stop liking him but I like him again… he doesn't really show up to dances though

Alright, so I like both of them. If guy 1 shows up to the dance but not guy 2 I think I will ask guy 1 to dance but I'm scared about his friends

If they both show up who should I ask?? I like both of them…

If guy 2 shows up & not 1 I think I'll ask him but I'm not sure cuz I'm shy and a guys been mean about me liking him before- I'm not what u call popular :-/

I know this is stupid but I would like to here ur opinions (sorry I'm typing fast & that's why I have grammar issues) thanks :)

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    YOLO! If they both show up ask them both!! You're not committed to either one so...go for it! The only thing they can say is "no". Don't be scared.

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  • 7 years ago

    Honestly, I would not plan all this out. Just go with the flow; if the moment feels right ask who you feel like. However, if i were to pick a guy, i would pick guy 1 just because guy 2 seems like an ***

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