2001 Nissan Maxima Front Catalytic Converter Issue?

I'm replacing the front catalytic converter on my car which and I was able to remove all the bolts but I'm the catalytic converter itself is stuck to the precat and to the y pipe. I don't know if I'm supposed to hit it with a hammer or pry it off. I would appreciate any feedback. Some additional information, the reason why I am replacing it is because my CEL came on and the code was p0430.

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  • 7 years ago
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    STOP NOW! You are WASTING YOUR MONEY HERE TOTALLY! Just because you have a TROUBLE CODE< does NOT mean there is anything wrong with your CONVERTER AT !LL They should last the LIFETIME of the car! You need to repair the CAUSE of the converter issue FIRST! This is a CHEAP REPAIR and costa about $30, TOPS! GO to ANY OIL CHANGE CENTER and ask them to clean yoru THROTTLE BODY and IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE to SHOWROOM CLEAN! the IAC valve adds MORE AIR as required by the O2 sensors and COMPUTER! A clogged up IAC valve will fill a converter up with CARBON and SOOT< as the AIR/FUEL mixture has gone OFF KILTER! ALSO>>> run GUMOUT through your PCV VALVE and ALL THROTTLE BODY VACUUMS! This will clean out the carbon from your CONVERTER! I also use AMSOIL POWER FOAM as this is EVEN BETTER! IT DISSOLVES carbon on contact! DO NOT REPLACE THE CONVERTER! The FACTORY ONE is the ONLY One worth buying, and there is NOTHING REALLY WRONG with yours NOW! The only reason to replace one is if the CASING is RUSTED THROUGH< or its was SMASHED in an under car incident! LEAVE IT ALONE and clean the IAC VALVE! These thingss FOG UP with sludge if you are using the WRONG TYPES of engine oil! DO NOT BE FOOLED by VISCOSITY RATINGS! They are MEANINGLESS! Your engine REQUIRES FULLY SYNTHETIC OIL that is APPROVED by ACEA, JASO, and ILSAC ratings, a GL-5 or 6 oil ONLY! MOBIL ONE 0W-30 and AMSOIL are the best for you, or TOTAL ENERGY OIL for NISSAN! CHANGE IT ONCE A YEAR! I have EXPERIENCE with MAXIMA engines. WRONG OIL use can EXPLODE the VARIABLE VALVE TIMING GEAR< and it lists out at $350! GEt a FULL MOTOR FLUSH to remove any and ALL OLD wax based JUNK OILS< and then switch over! you will be DELIGHTED with FUEL SAVING< MORE POWER and LOWER EMISSIONS! For even BETTER results, use DENSO or BOSCH iridium plugs in there! Expect a 20% IMPROVEMENT in DRIVEABILITY< and MILEAGE by doing this as well! Keep that IAC valve CLEAN AS A WHISTLE! LEARN where it is and HOW to clean it! MOBIL ONE will protect these things from SLUDGE< since NO SLUDGE will be MADE AT ALL! GOOD LUCK!!TRUST ME HERE! LEarn to look for your CAR NAME on OI LABELS and FORGET ABOUT VISCOSITY RATINGS alone!

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