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Is the NCAA biased against USC?

The university of Miami received a slap on the wrist when the NCAA handed down their verdict. Penn State is slowly having scholarships returned to them even though the program tried to cover up child abuse charges. Oklahoma State isn't being investigated for shady recruiting practices. BUT USC HAD THERE FOOTBALL PROGRAM DECIMATED ALL BECAUSE REGGIE BUSH ACCEPTED MONEY. WHERE IS THE LOGIC?!?!? Is accepting money worst than child abuse? Is one athlete (Reggie Bush) accepting gifts worse than a school failing to keep a convicted felony and booster paying athletes 'under the table' to play?

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  • Will
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    7 years ago
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    The problem that the NCAA has with USC is the pattern of NCAA violations over the past few years. Repeat offenders are always treated worse by the NCAA. Penn State is getting away with reduced penalties because there is nothing in the NCAA regs about child molestation.

  • Mike
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    7 years ago

    Miami Punished them self for 2 years with and didnt even need to be punished again thats why they got a little punishment. And the other thing is the NCAA just like in the Johnny Manzel case had no sufficient evidence all they had is a guy in prison saying he did all these things and the NCAA dosent like looking stupid when there wrong and that always when they give a pointless penalty

    The NCAA will give you a big punishment if you do not cooperate with the investigation like USC did they denied everything and when it was found out they slammed them just like Ohio State

    Penn State should not have been punished I know alot of bad stuff happened up there but that had nothing to do with the NCAA their job is to regulate school and make sure they are on a even playing field and how was the rape scandal giving them a competitive advantage

  • Cu Tie
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    Personally, I do not believe that the NCAA has a bias against USC. However, I believe that the NCAA has a bias against players that are white and/or female. The fact that USC recruited the first (white) female quarterback, in Sami Logan, does not help their case.

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    Decimated? USC may have gotten the bigger penalties of the schools that you mentioned, but it wasn't the big blow people make it out to be.

    UM did get a joke of a penalty. The returning of scholarships to PSU is a flat out outrage. Let's not forget that Oregon also deserved stiffer penalties. (I believe Oklahoma State is currently under investigation. I may be wrong). The fact of the matter is the NCAA hasn't been hard on a schools since the SMU Death Penalty.

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