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John Travolta vs Ray Liotta?

Both have made a career off of playing the bad guy and both have shined like diamonds in their respective hits. In my opinion Travolta has a bigger range but Liotta is more deep and intense.

BQ 2: Pulp Fiction or Goodfellas

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    Goodfellas over Pulp Fiction by a lot. 'Pulp' was good, but Scorcese's, 'Goodfella's' was great and is an easy classic that makes many lists of movies people have watched more than 2 or 3 times.

    Travolta's had the better career though, pretty easily. Aside from his Disco Days (when he was an Idol), to the "Look Who's Talking" and 'Phenom' roles, he took off again after Pulp.

    Liotta is good, and dropped back into more of a 2nd or 3rd actor in a movie. He's still good, but plays the same guy often. Now it's like bad cops or other smoldering/darkish characters.

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    Travolta / Pulp Fiction.

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