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Why does carlos slim helu stand out?

what did he do to get where he is now? (as an engineer)

i just simple facts or a little summary about this famous engineer-er

please and thank you!!!

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    Slim and his siblings were taught basic business practices by their father, and at the age of 12, Slim bought shares in a Mexican bank. At the age of 17, he earned 200 pesos a week working for his father's company.[9] He went on to study civil engineering at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, while teaching algebra and linear programming there meaning that he was concurrently a professor and student there.[10] After graduating from college, Slim began his career as a trader in Mexico to hone his business skills. He would then go on to form his own brokerage firm that later expanded to invest in individual businesses, ranging from construction and manufacturing to retail and restaurants. In 1965 he incorporated Inversora Bursátil and then bought Jarritos del Sur. In 1966, already worth US$40 million,[11] he founded Inmobiliaria Carso. Three months later he married Soumaya Domit Gemayel (the Carso name derives from the first three letters of Carlos and the first two of Soumaya) and they remained married until her death in 1999.[8]

    Source(s): Wikipedia
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