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why hasnt the GOP been successful in every attempt to take obama down?

Won the presidential elections in 08 and 12, passed the stimuli package, passed wall street reform act, ended the bush debacle in iraq, presided over bin ladens capture, passed obamacare, stopped the tea party shutdown attempt, kept the us from teethering into a depression--against 5 long years of sustained determined efforts by the GOP that employed tactics involving economic sabotage and outright sedition against its own government and citizens?

Could they simply have severely underestimated the skill and craftiness of this inexperienced mullato "socialist" community organizer all along?

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    Obama is a constitutional lawyer.

    Laws trumped the good intentions of the GOP.

    The too-big-to-fail banks trumped the rest of the economy.

    The shutdown trumped the veterans and the Mt. Vernon Ladies.

  • Noah
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    Basically the current GOP/Tea/Fox/Jesus freak party believes their own propaganda, and that's their downfall. Tens of thousands of hours of 'Weasel News', and more thousands of hours of right wing radio dummy bull #$%%, plus thousands of right wing publications and books have created a 'buzz' in their minds that the 'American people' really wanted some kind of crazy train right wing regime that would abolish the federal government, taxes, regulations and most of the nutty stuff these people are trying to sell.

    Basically by using 'the rules' of the House they can slow down progress, but objective reality is nothing like their belief system. The more they pound away with their waving flags and shaking crosses the goofier they look and sound. Cooler heads will always prevail against out and out foolishness no matter how it's presented.

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    Obama DOES give a damn about human beings. Obama does not think that the american people are the enemy like right wingers do. He has a soul and he empathizes. When I see or hear Ted Cruz or Bachmann or Bush...I see and feel absolutely no humanity from them at all. That is just how I feel about Obama on a personal level.

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    No one is questioning the intelligence or the political ability of the president. The direction he is leading the country is very alarming to tens of millions of Americans. You are correct. The Republicans can not stop him. But, this was never due to an underestimation of the intent or the ability of the president.

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    He didn't do most of that though, that's like saying Bush should get an Oscar for The Dark Knight because it came out while he was in office.

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    Well, let's see... On the one side you have the GOP which is:

    * anti-poor

    * anti-middle class

    * anti-abortion

    * anti-female

    * anti-gay-anything

    * anti-immigrant

    * anti-Muslim

    * anti-brown people

    * anti-anyone-who-isn't-White-and-Christian-and-Conservative-Republican

    * pro-war

    * pro-big-corporation

    * pro-tax-cuts-for-the-(ultra)-rich

    And on the other side you....sanity.

    Huh. That's a real hard choice.

  • 7 years ago

    They are short of ideas

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