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J asked in Science & MathematicsPhysics · 7 years ago

Rank each satellite based on its period?

Six artificial satellites circle a space station at constant speed. The mass m of each satellite, distance L from the space station, and the speed v of each satellite are listed below. The satellites fire rockets that provide the force needed to maintain a circular orbit around the space station. The gravitational force is negligible.

a)Rank each satellite based on its period.

b)Rank each satellite based on the net force acting on it.

These are the values that need ranked?

1. m=200kg,L= 5000 m, v=120 m/s

2. m=800kg,l= 10,000 m, v=40m/s

3. m=400kg,L= 2500 m, v=80m/s

4. m=100kg, L=2500 m, V=160m/s

5. m=300kg, L=10,000m, V=80 m/s

6. m=200kg, L=5000 m, V=160 m/s

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  • Yello
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    7 years ago
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    (I answered my homework already) Just take r/v^2 for period and then divide the acceleration by m for force.

    PERIOD (longest to shortest

    L= 10k 10k 5k ( SAME-- 5k 2.5k ) 2.5k

    V= 40 80 120 160 80 160



    Mass 100kg 400kg 200kg 200kg 300kg 800kg

    L 2500 2500 5000 5k 10k 10k

    V 160 80 160 120 80 40

    Source(s): My Mastering Physics Homework due tonight at midnight... Question #7
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