Help me rank these guys for waiver wire?

This is going to be a big waiver wire week in my league with hot names out there. I will probably have the 4th pick, how would you rank these guys (remember either depth or trade bait)

My team:

QB- Rivers, Big Ben

WR- J Nelson, Blackmon, Denarius Moore, Mike Wallace

RB- AP, Forte, L Miller, P Thomas

TE- V Davis, Clay

Free agents-

Harry Douglas WR

Terrance Williams WR

Jordan Reed TE (I may trade Clay)

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  • 6 years ago
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    I'd rank them Reed, Douglas, and then Williams.

    I think you must pounce on Reed first, mainly because TE depth is really thin in most leagues. I can easily see him being a top 10 TE the rest of the way, given the injuries to Finley and Daniels, and the underperformances of Olsen, Rudolph, Cook, etc. Looks like he is the solid #2 passing option in Washington after Garcon.

    Douglas is currently the #1 receiver for his team, until Roddy comes back. But even then, he'll still be the #2 WR (maybe #3 option after Roddy and Gonzalez). Williams has been nice, but I still think Romo prefers to throw to Dez and Witten.

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