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How is this 25 man roster? Good or Bad Comments. Suggestions and Opinions. Thanks.?

This is my fantasy baseball draft on MLB "The Show." I have a couple guys out of their normal positions to fit my draft. Any good or bad comments? Any players I should trade or trade for?

C-Yadier Molina

1B/C/DH-Victor Martinez

2B/OF-Ben Zobrist

3B-Steve Lombardozzi

SS-Didi Gregorious

LF-Torii Hunter

CF-Juan Pierre

RF-Jason Heyward

DH-David Ortiz

2B-Brian Roberts

C-Jose Molina

SS-John Mcdonald

OF/1B-Mark Kotsay

SP-Jordan Zimmermann

SP-David Price

SP-Kyle Lohse

SP-Johan Santana

SP-Ubaldo Jimenez

LRP-Chris Capuano

RP-Mark Rzepczynski

RP-Darren Oliver

RP-LaTroy Hawkins

SU-Mike Adams

SU-Neftali Feliz

CL-Francisco Rodriguez

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    Oliver announced his retirement. So replace him with Jansen or Cecil.

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  • Sid
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    6 years ago

    In the MLB The Show, players' stats start to decline around age 32.

    So Yadier Molina, Victor Martinez, Ben Zobrist, Torii Hunter, Juan Pierre, David Ortiz, Brian Roberts, Jose Molina, John McDonald, Mark Kotsay and John Santana will all get worse over the season. You need to pay close attention the player's age and contract situation when you draft them, because that will affect your team going forward.

    Your rotation looks solid, but a bit costly. The bullpen looks good, however, Darren Oliver and LaTroy Hawkins are both over 40. That means that they'll likely retire at the end of the current season, and you'll have to replace them.

    If I was you, I'd start looking for power bats, since your lineup lacks some. Ortiz is the only guy who'll put up power numbers, and his numbers will decline because of his age. Also, try to acquire some young outfield talent. Right now, Heyward is your only outfielder who'll be putting up solid numbers for the next few seasons. Tell your scouts to search for position players (catchers, infield and outfield), and then try to draft the best position players available. But of course, if the best player available by far is a pitcher, then draft the pitcher instead.

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  • 6 years ago

    It's certainly primarily limited by age. If you have the 2013 Show, you should know how quickly players over the age of 35 decline on there. Ortiz, Oliver, Hawkins, Pierre, V-Mart, and Hunter will be useless in a season or two. Once that happens you'll have major holes in the offense. The back end of the pen is certainly a hole as well. Switch Feliz and K-Rod, from experience in that game K-Rod gets hit hard at times.

    For future reference, drafting young studs is better than old stars. I know it's easy to draft these guys because the CPU skips over them due to age, but you'll be better off with A Brandon Belt over a V-Mart, or a Starlin Matre/Wil Myers over Hunter. That's how you create a sustainable beast team.

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  • 6 years ago

    I'd say it looks pretty solid. What would hurt the team is age. Your team has quite a few guys who are up there in age like V. Mart, Ortiz, Kotsay, Roberts, Lohse, Hawkins, Mcdonald, Pierre and Santana is not what he used to be with all the injuries. Martinez, ortiz, and lohse should be still solid but thats where I'd take one of them, lets say V. Mart and pckage him with Roberts and someone like Santana and get a good deal in return. There are people out there that still think santana is "the great" pitcher he was a few years ago and Martinez is a really good hitter still. Roberts just thrown in there to add quantity and make the trade more appealing. Hopefully you can attain some younger players like a Ryu, donaldson, and/or dominic brown.

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  • Without a doubt, this is the oldest and slowest team that I have ever seen posted on YA baseball.

    And what is Juan Pierre doing in center field? He never has been good even in left field and with that rag arm your opponents will take the extra base at least 2/3 of the time. Plus, he is old and has absolutely no power and without the ability to post anywhere near a decent OBP.

    Aside from Mike Adams, your relief pitchers stink.

    Starting pitching is MLB acceptable but nothing more. # 1 and # 2 in the rotation are very good, but the three lesser lights? Ugh!

    Maybe, you could finish fourth.

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  • 6 years ago

    It's got potential. But you've got alot of trash on that team.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    All is good except for the bullpen.

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