What do you think about the future transportation?

Electric cars, solar energy powered cars, flying vehicles, robot controlled...What do you think?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Everything you mentioned exists today: electric cars, solar cars, flying cars, RC vehicles... From this we might say that the "future" is here. But these things are not everywhere. They are not popular. In an age of hype and the latest I phone we forget that the general trend is for technology to catch on slowly. It took over 30 years for the cell phone to move from a "brick" to something that could fit in a pocket.

    Sometimes what is "popular" is the old technology. A "tipping point" must be reached when the technology becomes acceptable by most people. And so it is the human part of the equation that is the most limiting factor for the "future of transportation."

  • 7 years ago

    One word: regulation. The US and the rest of the world is going to go crazy and make sure they're safe.

    The advances are wonderful, can't wait until the prices of them become reasonable. Driverless cars excite me the most!

    When we invent better batteries, cars can maybe run on solar, or never need power at all! Anything could happen.

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