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Daryl Hannah's face shape in teen years?

So I am having issues determining my face shape! But I have been told that I look like Daryl Hannah when she was young and in that mermaid movie or something. Anyway, I was wondering what her face shape was because I think mine is the same. I am caught between oval, inverted triangle, or oblong. My face looks really different in each picture I look at, so I can't decide. I am trying to decide on a haircut, and apparently it helps to know your face shape.

Yah, so what was Daryl Hannah's face shape when she was in her teens??

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  • 7 years ago
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    her face has elongated since her teens and she now has a bony horse face so i wouldn't pay too much attention to her if I were you, I feel quite sorry for her quite few other young starlets have also had unfortunate face and head growth

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