Your own spider-man movie trilogy/saga?

If you were making your own Spider-Man movie trilogy or saga, who would you have as the villains of each movie and what would the main plot be?

Heres mine an example:

Spider-Man 1: Shocker and Doc Ock

The movies main focus will be on the origin of Spider-Man and him struggling to find out the truth about his parents and finding himself; The film will be about him saving New York City from Doc Ock and Shocker to become a real hero.

Spider-Man 2: Rhino, Electro and Green Goblin

The sequel will be about him struggling to keep his Super hero life a secret and his relationship with Gwen Stacy. He graduates and gets a job at the Daily Bugle. The villains will be Electro and Green Goblin who will get him closer to finding out why he got his powers and the secrets about his parents. Green Goblin kills Gwen at the end. J. Jonah Jameson, Eddie Brock and Betty Brandt are introduced, with MJ at the end. Rhino is a side villain.

Spider-Man 3: Venom, New Goblin and Lizard

This will be the darkest one. Spider-Man gets the symbiote and it turns him against his family and friends. Harry Osborn discovers Peter is Spider-Man and becomes The New Goblin to avenge his fathers death. Doctor Connors transforms into The Lizard. He takes off his symbiote and Eddie Brock becomes Venom.

Spider-Man 4: Scorpion, Mysterio and Kraven

These will be his biggest challenges yet, but he's not alone, he's got New Goblin on his side as a sidekick. In this one, he develops a relationship with Mary Jane, he does a little bit in the third too. Mysterio and Kraven team up to destroy New York City and kill Spider-Man. They trick Mac Gargan into becoming Scorpion. Spider-Man and New Goblin unite to save the day!

Spider-Man 5: Carnage and Hobgoblin

This is the final stand. Hobgoblin, the third Goblin, and Cletus Kasady, with the Carnage symbiote, are the new villains that Spider-Man and New Goblin must face. This the final stand. Carnage and Hobgoblin will use there power to defeat our heroes and take over New York City. New Goblin dies at the end. Peter Parker and Mary Jane get married.

What would yours be like?

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    Spider-Man 1: Tarantula

    Featuring drug smuggling between Mexico and the U.S. to include, illegals, and running into traps set by Tarantula. Finally, culminating in an epic battle of arachnids.

    Spider-Man 2: The Punisher

    A grand confrontation between these two power houses with Punisher using many types of weaponry, and assault tactic known to man, as well as, his famed physical abilities to keep Spider-Man at bay, while attending his goal of wiping out real bad dudes. Spider-Man keeps getting in his way until the Punisher has had enough.

    Spider-Man 3: Spider-Man/Punisher team-up

    The two heroes make amends, and unite against the most evil of foes. Carnage! In an all out blitz to save the city, and perhaps, the world from total carnage. Peter Parker goes into his deepest despair, as the lives of his closest friends are put in harms way, and perhaps even death, until Punisher steps in to cure Spider-Man's blues.

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    I would make it a trilogy and this is how it would be.

    Spiderman 1: Vulture & Electro

    The plot would be about Peter trying to find out about his parent's past and trying to fit in at school with all the bullying going on in his life. He gets his powers and tries to defeat the villians and he does.

    Spiderman 2: Green Goblin & Mysterio

    The plot would be about Peter being the happiest guy on earth because of his super powers and his girlfriend, Gwen Stacy. He is in University and is living a great life when crisis strucks his city. He has to suit up and defeat these villains once and for all, but he has a really hard time. Peter eventually does kill the villains and saves the day.

    Spiderman 3: Sinister Six

    The plot would consist of Peter trying to adapt to a normal life, without his superpowers. He is trying to focus on being normal and not putting on his mask to fight crime that much anymore. When all the villains from sinister six show up in city/town, Peter has no choice but to suit up and fight crime. He has super friends that help him out in their own ways. After fighting all the villains and saving the day, Peter promises Gwen and his aunt May that he won't be putting his spiderman suit on for a long while and that the city doesn't need spiderman anymore.


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