WHY: INTERMITTANT CLIMATE CONTROL on 1999 Oldsmobile Intrique?

I think it is a climate control problem. I have the electronic climate control and it only works when you want it too. Yesterday evening and last night up until 2 AM it worked fine. This morning it is not working again. Where would the sensor be to tell it to turn on? Also the automatic headlights work when the heater is working. I run the car about mid-night last night and the AC light was on and it was 45 degrees out side. I pushed the button and that went out and the heater worked normally but the outside temperature on the read out on the climate control was 20 to 25°. Where is the outside air temperature sensor also? I bought the Chilton manual and of course that does not show or say much of anything on climate controls. I could use some help, please. Thank you, Tom

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  • 7 years ago
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    Above poster is sort of not correct. All dealership will tell you the same thing to bring it in so they can look at it. What sensor are you talking about to turn it on???? There is no sensor that controls the HVAC control head except for the HVAC Control head. It does use a few sensors to help it make certain decisions when it is in auto mode. The outside air temp sensor is usually mounted behind the front grille, located on the side of the radiator side baffle. Also, you need to clarify what isn't actually working. Blower control working?? Air temp settings working? What isn't working?-----------------------------------------------

    Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Description

    The outside air temperature sensor is located in the front grill area under the front bumper of the vehicle. The HAVC control head uses this sensor to receive information on ambient air temperature. With this information, the HVAC control head will give the driver the outside air temperature on the digital display. If the outside temperature increases, the displayed temperature will not change until:

    •The vehicle's speed is above 32 km/h (20 mph) for approximately one and a half minutes.

    •The vehicles speed is above 72 km/h (45 mph) for approximately one minute.

    These delays help prevent false readings. If the displayed temperature goes down, the outside temperature display is updated immediately. If the vehicle has been turned off for more than three hours, the current outside temperature will be shown when the vehicle is started. If it has been turned off for less than three hours, the temperature will be recalled from the previous vehicle operation.

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