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Do you give in to pop culture trends?

Examples: twerking, yolo, gangnam style.

Are you a sucker?

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    No. I think it's all stupid. ESPECIALLY the twerking.

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    I admit, I like Gangnam Style. At least, until I started seeing and hearing it f*cking everywhere.

    Yolo is dumb, and I've never said it, not even as a joke.

    Twerking can be funny, but it depends on the person doing it.

    I like certain aspects of popular culture, but overall, most of it is stupid, at least nowadays. I use the technology available today to do my own thing.

    My aversion to a lot of popular trends definitely limits my social circle, but it's worth it. I know my friends aren't idiots, and they aren't sheep like a lot of other folks. I'm not a hipster, as that has become a trend in and of itself. I just like what I like. I let others do the same.

  • Once you put it in this light (i.e. "giving in"), people who follow these trends will separate themselves from the trend because it looks as though they have no free will to do otherwise. I guarantee most who answer this will say "no," regardless whether or not they follow them.

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    I don't know what these things are.

    Except sucker. I'm aware of that one.

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  • I make up my own mind. If I like something, then yes. If not, no. I'm not a sheep.

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