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Okay athiests can you prove your logical and rational?

Your "God" the scientits say energy cannot be created or destroyed. Well we have energy, electrical impulses which the brain interprets and controls to send to certain muscles to contract when needed. Okay so you also say that energy ceases to exist when we die, because you say we cease to exist. So are you contradicting your own "God"?


I meant you're not your. Sorry.

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    Yes they can prove things that are of this natural world, but of spiritual things they have no knowledge...

    Source(s): 1Corinthians 2: 14
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    Again - another person who does not know the definition of atheism.

    Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transmuted because e=mc^2. Matter is created in particle accelerators every day - in controlled experiments done by humans operating the particle accelerators.

    I believe that energy is sentient - and there is some powerful evidence supporting that theory. I believe that I created myself as me using that energy that I am/we are. So no, I am not contradicting myself. God does not exist and there is abundant evidence for that in quantum mechanics. That doesn't mean that something doesn't exit; but that which the evidence supports does not have any similarity to your "God".

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    As an atheist, I do not believe in a god.

    As an anti-theist I believe there are no gods.

    Regards energy, when we die the brain stops sending those electrical impulses, though the dead body may sometime jerk as as random discharges happen. That energy is created from chemical reactions, and eventually becomes heat that is released into the tissue at the point of use.

    Please don't die of stupidity, go back to school!

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    "you're" not "your"

    If you cannot write English then your command of logic is dubious. Your commencement of sentences with "Okay" brands you as a truly deep thinker or as a witless teenager, I have difficulty deciding which is true

    Energy is the capacity for doing work and may be measured as work units per unit time. Work is force applied over distance. Force is mass times acceleration.

    Confusing actual electrical energy, no matter how slight, in the migration of metal ions between neurones with something which is not defined is no way to ask a question. Communication between neurones by migration of metal ions ceases soon after death and can be a definition of death.

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    Do you know how a battery works?

    Chemicals combine to produce electricity. When the chemical reactions cease, so does the electricity. Same with the brain impulses. The energy is transformed and converted. It does not "cease to exist".

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    Not energy, brain activity ceases when we die. The energy in the atoms remains the same, the confusion you seem to have is in separating energy and activity. Do correct me if I am wrong.

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    First, I do not regard scientists as 'God' in any way.

    Second, I see no reason to conflate the life of a human being with a quantity of energy, certainly not in any way such that the death of a human being corresponds to energy vanishing from the Universe.

    Because of these two points, I also see no reason in your post to think that my worldview is self-contradictory.

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    As a fellow theist, I must point out that atheists do not normally claim destruction of the biochemical energy that powers neurotransmission ("brain signalling"). The energy involved in living brain activity is absorbed, transformed and dissipated by the entropic processes of death and decay, not "destroyed".

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    Your use of logic is faulty. Saying we cease to exist does not equal " also say that energy ceases to exist when we die..." This would explain you're inability to understand reality.

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    No...there are basically two kinds of energy in your body. The thermal energy goes into the air. The stored chemical energy is what the worms eat.

    Hope that helps.

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    Energy does not cease when you die. It changes forms.

    Scientists are human beings, not Gods.

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