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    The GOP stands for Grand ol' Party. It is the official nickname for the Republican Party. The Republican Party has been around since the 1850's. It formed out of the remains of the Freesoiler's movement, an anti-slavery movement, which you could say was the Tea Party of it's day. The modern Republican Party generally represents the American Conservative political philosophy of governance and whose mission is to put Conservatives into political office. The Republican Party is a "big tent" though, often representing much of Right Wing political thought, including Libertarian (NEVER as far Right as the Fascist Party though).

    The Tea Party is made up of average Conservatives, Libertarians, Independents and even some Liberals at the beginning, who have become fed up with the out-of-control spending of Washington. They started out as Libertarian Ron Paul supporters in 2007, but quickly become more general in their makeup. The Tea Party is not an actual political party. They take their name from the Boston Tea Party as a symbol of defiance. The "Tea" in the modern Tea Party also stands for Taxed Enough Already, this from the understanding that continued out-of-control spending would eventually force the government (even one that hates to raise taxes) to raise taxes to pay the debt, if not dealt with sooner. They started out protesting the spending of the guy most of them originally supported, President Bush. HE was part of the party that was SUPPOSED to be the more fiscally responsible of the two major parties.

    The spending has always been the core concern of the Tea Parties. However, a grass-roots movement of people bring a lot of other concerns to the table. Although varied, they almost all come back to spending and/or to not create dependence on government as European Social Democracies do. The Tea Parties are idealistic, not wanting to wait any more for the political party they most identity with, the Republican Party, to deal with the debt. They want to reform the Republican Party, bringing them kicking and screaming back to their Conservative values. It was a lack of Conservatism (or Libertarianism) that allowed and additional $5 trillion in deficit spending to be added to the debt under Bush.

    The out-of-control fiscal irresponsibility has gotten even worse under the Obama Administration. Part of this is due to the Progressive Liberal philosophy that RELIES on spending as part of it's agenda to "take care" of the people. They want to be a central source where the people (all 300 million of them) turn too. Deficit spending is secondary in this agenda. It's the same with Progressive Liberalism around the world. It's why so much of the world is in debt and on fire because they are starting to realize it's unsustainable. The US hasn't gotten that far yet but wisdom should allow it to see what's around the next corner. THIS is what gets the Tea Parties more worked up than ever, not some ignorant assertion of racism some claim as a cheap excuse to dismiss the REAL reasons. The Tea Parties are hated by the big spenders because it would kill the life blood (spending) and very thing that Progressive Liberalism needs to work.

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    GOP- Grand Old Party, named so because the party is the older of the two current parties. The Republican party reaches back to the period just after the Founding fathers. the Democrat party is the party set up to oppose the party of Abraham Lincoln after the Civil War.

    Tea Party- movement within the Republican party that is more conservative than the mainstream. Wants less government(in every matter), lower taxes, and less spending. Named after the Boston Tea Party because that was a protest against taxes. Alternately, it is the Taxes Enough Already party.

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    The GOP is the Republican Party. Usually GOP is a reference to the fact that the Republican Party is the Party of Lincoln.

    The tea party is a group of people who thinks there's been enough fiscal irresponsibility in Washington, we've had enough deficits and debt, and its time to balance the budget and get our nation back to solvency.

    They all have various jobs, come from different socio-economic levels, and come from different parts of the country, from Kentucky to New Jersey, Washington to Indiana.

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    GOP is the Grand Old Party.

    TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already, or at use to.

    These days, it stands for "We hate the n***** in the White house and want to destroy him at ALL costs. "

    These days, that party is led by the most moronic imbeciles on the face of this planet. Racist morons, who tell the president to "put the Koran down" at rallies......and call him being Muslim is suppose to be a dirty 4 letter word.

    The original TEA party.......which HAD a nice little grass movements Group going.........was hijacked by Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, once they started getting alot of press coverage and those two saw easy ratings.

    They turned the TEA party into a HATE Group......and the original Tea partiers, got fed up and LEFT-------------leaving only the most imbecilic teabaggers, like Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and now, apparently, Ted Cruz-

    Morons.........who will never, ever, be in charge of this country.

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    They are your countrymen simply voicing their political opinions and electing representatives to make their voice present in the government they pay for and have every right to have a say in.

    Ask a liberal and they will tell you this practice is now somehow "extremist" and dangerous......hmmmm seems that way of thinking is far more dangerous does it not.

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