can i not balance the reaction of hydrolysis of XeF4 like this : 4XeF4 + 8H2O gives 2Xe + 2XeO3 + 16HF + O2?

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    You have indeed balanced an equation for the hydrolysis of XeF4, but an equation that presumably more accurately reflects the stoichiometry of the rxn is:

    6XeF4 + 12H2O → 4Xe + 2XeO3 + 24HF + 3O2

    Adapted from the eqn that has fractional coefficients given in

    N. N. Greenwood, A. Earnshaw, Chemistry of the Elements 2nd ed. (1997) p 896

    'It [XeF4] is also hydrolysed instantly by water, yielding a variety of products which include XeO3."

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