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my friend is a 7 day adventist?

I was having a sleepover next friday night and one of my friends is a 7 day Adventist but I'm a Christian. My other friend said that the one that's a 7 day Adventist might night be able to go since its on a Friday. Even if we don't go anywhere and stay in the house watching movies and possibly go out to get something to eat would that be against what she is supposed to do?

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    Your seventh-day Adventist friend would not be allowed to do secular activities between sunset friday to sunset Saturday, as these are Sabbath hours. So watching movies and going out to buy food would be totally out of the question. I would suggest you switch your sleepover from Friday night to Saturday night instead. Your friend would not have any conflicts then.

    You should be aware that Seventh-day Adventists ARE Christians. They believe in the Trinity of the God-head. They believe that Jesus is God and that we can only be saved by accepting his grace. Adventists also believe that while the sacrificial system of the old testament is no longer in force, we are still bound by God's universal law of the ten commandments. This is why Adventists still keep the seventh day Sabbath day holy.

    @Sara: There are varying degrees of vegetarianism in Adventist circles. Some Adventists will eat fish, chicken, milk and eggs. Others follow a vegan diet which excludes all these. To cover all bases people should assume that Adventists won't be eating meat at all. People should probably just ask them beforehand if they have any special dietary requirements. Adventists don't eat fish on any special day. They have only one special day - the Sabbath. They do not follow the feast days of the old sacrificial system. Neither does their church officially accept Christmas or Easter as special days as these are not Biblical.

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    7th day Adventist is Christian. They are just more strict than other churches and uses the bible as their ONLY source of beliefs, meaning, anything not in the bible must not be true (which is why they don't celebrate Easter or things like that). They are very strict on eating certain foods, no meat (not sure about fish though, I have heard they eat that on a certain day, while others have said they don't eat it at all as it is a type of meat).

    Any religion that believes in God is Christian. Not sure about the Friday issue though, you should ask her about that. I know they consider Saturday as the 7th day of the week and Sunday is the first day of the week (which most people do anyways, many don't though).

    Here is the link regarding the Seventh-Day Adventist church.

    This one might also help:

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    Why don’t you ask your 7th Day friend what’s OK with them, and ignore what the other person is saying? Then you’ll know what’s real and what’s made up!


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