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Is Janet Napolitano a transsexual?

In the entire United states history, the government has never been into touching people private parts and X-ran scanning them naked in a massive scale as the TSA run by Janet Napolitano.

I was just wondering if these are the actions of a transsexual individual thinks in terms such as these.

This thing known as " Janet Napolitano" does not have the appearance of being a women in any way, shape or from and medical records are sealed.

Jamie Lee Curtis is a confirmed hermaphrodite yet she is more women than Janet Napolitano.

If Janet Napolitano is reading this, if you want to look at me naked in your nuke radioactive machine, you will have the devil's own task of doing it.

Please let me know if you think that Janet Napolitano is a transsexual or at very least a sick minded individual.


I am not getting any real answers to my question. Why do liberals always pick hermaphrodites, transsexuals and dykes looking people as their appointments. Janet Napolitano, Janet Reno, Kagan, Mary Jo White, Shalala. All disgusting creatures who could play gollum from Lord of the rings. Leave it to one of these he/she things to come up with the TSA pat down procedure of hiring ex-cons and felons(liberal voters) to sexual assault Americans by touching their private parts or view them naked in a nude body scanner.

Does any normal person thinks that the TSA is doing is normal behavior for an average person trying to visit grandma?

So please answer the question, IS Janet Napolitano a Transsexual? Yes or no?

Update 2:

Charlie, I see from your profile that you are a homosexual( probably with Aids according to statistics) and a gay activist. I don't appreciate your homosexual rant and refusing to answer the question but rather attempting to insult the question. Your comment has been reported to yahoo and I am confident they will take appropriate action against you.

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  • Lily R
    Lv 6
    7 years ago
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    Charlie is absolutely right and sorry, he has done nothing to breach community guidelines so he answer can't be removed. Plus homosexual rant? What the ****. Plus being homosexual isn't against the community guidelines of yahoo either. However comparing a transsexual person to a "sick minded individual" or a pervert who feels people up is against the community guidelines.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    "the government has never been into touching people private parts"

    I have to say that statement got me to click on your question and this one "Jamie Lee Curtis is a confirmed hermaphrodite" made me realise you have been off your meds for sometime now.

    Come on John, down those anti-psychotics and go for a big long walk.

    EDIT Please explain me to how my rant was "homosexual" lol

    I am serious. You need help if you believe the rubbish you just posted.

    Do you really mean to embarrass yourself publicly like this?

    EDIT2 "I am not getting any real answers to my question." Well ask a real question Johnny cause this is just some delusional diatribe from a sick little mind.

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  • 7 years ago

    I think you have some strange ideas.

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