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Parents want to send me to military school?

Help! They want to send me because they think I have no respect for anything or anyone. Well first off I HATE my new school I HATE almost everyone there. My parents have only enough money for gas after bills. And my dad is going to a swat meet and I heard him tell my mom that when he comes back from it with that cash (like $300) he's gonna send me to a high end military school. I'm NOT group showering! And they also want to send me because my dad called me spoiled and my mom just went with him.. Of course. And I also want to run away for a while my dad dosent care if I do. He won't call the cops he said he wants to see how long I last. Are they over reacting cuz that's way I told them

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    That almost happened to my friend Ted but then he found a time machine and aced his final exam. I don't know how much military school costs but I'd guess like $5000 a semester. You might be able to buy a plane ticket for $300.

    What you are going to want to do is ease the tension in your household. You cannot control how your parents behave. All you can control is yourself. So work on expressing yourself but don't react to their crap. Maybe spend less time at home. Maybe when you are around your parents just pretend to be really tired and say things like "yeah, sorry, I'm just really tired". Act like nothing they do upsets you and then they should stop giving you crap eventually.

    Also, extra curricular activities are good. Play a sport if you can or join a club. Start living a life of your own.

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    I do not know how old you are, but you sound very young and immature.

    You hate school, you hate everyone there!! in fact you hate yourself. You do sound like a problem child who needs a good education and stricter control. Sounds like they have raised you to get away with doing whatever you want. You certainly have no respect, which is something you need to learn if you expect to be successful in this world. However, if your parents are that poor they cannot afford a high end military school.

    They cannot be such bad parents, you have a computer.!!!

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    7 years ago

    Sending you to a military school might not be such a bad idea after all. You will learn how to lose that spoiled brat image and appreciate what you had at home.

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    I think they are testing u. If not cry at home saying that I LOVE U mom and dad without u i cant live at that school..

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    I know you've already asked question earlier, i had answered you.

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