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What green lantern comic book should I start on?

I have always been a green lantern fan, and I have always wanted to read the comic books, but I am flustered and confused on where to start. The books I have available to me are what are availble in Barnes and Noble.

It appears that blackest night is what they carry with some brightest day.

I'm open to start any where though, even if it means I need to order some of it (though not too expensive though please).

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  • 7 years ago
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    While I'm a fan of the Silver Age and would normally suggest getting the Green Lantern Chronicles or Green Lantern Archives, DC is horrible at reprinting the Silver Age collections; ditto for the Green Lantern/Green Arrow series and the Tales of the Green Lantern Corps stuff, the Emerald saga and the Kyle Rayner years. So, I recommend Green Lantern Rebirth and going from there. Rebirth is the first "arc" of Johns' run on the GL title, bringing Hal back from the dead and the issues that come with that play a key role during the early part of the run. Unfortunately, you won't be able to find Recharge at a reasonable price (try to find back issues of the mini series if possible). Recharge isn't totally neccessary, but it continues the story of Kilowog, Kyle and Guy from Rebirth and introdues three new characters that spin-off somewhat from the Countdown to Infinite Crisis tie-in Rann-Thanagar war and are featured in the first few issues of the Green Lantern Corps book. I'll start though with the definitive GL Hal Jordan.

    These stories feature the return of Hal and act as a prelude to Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night-

    No Fear

    Revenge of the Green Lanterns

    Wanted: Hal Jordan

    Sinestro Corps War-

    Vol. 1

    Vol. 2

    Tales of the Sinestro Corps War


    Green Lantern Corps- Ring Quest

    I'll note that the first two story arcs in Green Lantern Corps don't really do much to promote the main GL storyline (a Sinestro Corps does have a role but it's not intrical to the Sinestro Corps War plot), however it does continue the story of Guy and the three recently introduced characters from Recharge. Kyle is in Ion: Guardian of the Universe and while it does play a part in giving a backstory to Kyle's role in Sinestro Corps War, Tales of the Sinestro Corps War: Ion and Parallax give good summary of the 12 issue series.

    Now, Hal's story continues but now both the Gl title and the GL Corps title provide back drops to Blackest Night along with Final Crisis (you could read Final Crisis after Rage if you wanted to)

    Rage of the Red Lanterns

    Secret Origins- picks up right in the middle of the Rage of Red Lanterns trade

    Sins of the Star Sapphires

    Agent Orange

    Emerald Eclipse

    This leads right into Blackest Night and it's aftermath Brightest Day

    As for the reading order of Blackest Night or Brightest Day, you would have to look that up.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You need to start from the very beginning if you're starting a series

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