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urge to cut myself, never have before?

Lately i've been feeling really sad, especially at night. I dont know why tho. My dad died 5 years ago from Leukemia and when he did i felt a little suicidal but nothing too bad. My girlfriend has had problems with cutting in the past. Recently she said she has been really sad and she wants to start again. It makes me really sad to hear her say that. Im just really sad and depressed and i want the pain to go away. I feel like i shouldnt be feeling this way because i have a great life. And the thought of death scares the hell out of me. I dont want to kill myself i just want the pain to go away.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Im just really confused and scared right now and i need some advice. Thank you.

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    I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling so sad. Don't hurt yourself or anyone else. Cutting doesn't help the sadness go away. I've linked a page to a teen hotline that may be helpful. Please use it RIGHT now.

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    First of all, do not feel that having a good life should make you feel guilty about being depressed. A lot of people get depressed at one point or another in their lives, regardless of how good their lives are. But there are other ways of dealing with depression and built up tension than by cutting. This website ( ) has various substitutes that won't actually harm you and help relieve stress and the urge to cut. One of the biggest reasons why you shouldn't cut is that it actually can harm you. Don't think for a second that it is only temporary. It leaves scarring and can cause infection or blood loss. The absolute worst part of cutting? It can become addictive. Cutting does temporarily relieve stress, but it won't for long and it doesn't get rid of what is causing the stress or depression in the first place. And cutting won't help your girlfriend either. If she's considering relapsing into cutting again, you beginning to cut also could make it harder for her to stop if she ever found out.

    TL;DR: Cutting is very bad, don't do it. There are many other alternatives that can help you instead of harm you. Please?

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    Hey. I know how you feel.

    Wanting the pain to go away. Talk things out with your girlfriend. Don't cut yourself you will regret it and all you will have to remember those sad times are scars :/ I been to the hospital before because i tried overdosing and cutting my mom thought i was crazy so i had a therapist see me every Monday check on me. I guess you can say I'm better .. i haven't cut since summer so that's good. Yeah sometimes i get upset but i do something that cheers me up. Im not sure if I'm any help right now. But I'm open to talk if you would're not alone

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