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Pick 2. Blackmon, Fitzgerald, Steve Smith, Harry Douglas. Standard League.?

10 Team Standard League, can start a QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 DST, and a K. Starters now are:

QB - Romo

RB - Arian Foster

RB - Chris Johnson

WR - Justin Blackmon

WR - Steve Smith or Douglas, don't like Fitz banged up plus match up.....agree?

TE - Julius Thomas

Flex - Tony Gonzalez

DST - Broncos...Bad match up but no one to drop to pick up another DST. Shouldn't drop Denver should I?

K - Mason Crosby

Bench: Michael Vick, Steven Jackson, Harry Douglas/Steve Smith, Fitzgerald, Jordan Cameron, Ben Tate, and Percy Harvin.

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    Blackmon and Harry Douglas

    Richard Shermon has allowed Fitzgerald only 87 yards in the last 3 games... Bench this week.

    Steve Smith is always good for 8 points and no more.

    Blackmon has been on fire... and Roddy White is banged up and Julio Jones is done... Falcons have no running game. Give Douglas a chance.. high upside

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