how can i forward my yahoo email to gmail?

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  • Molly
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    7 years ago
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    Enabling auto-forwarding

    In your Yahoo Mail:

    Mouse over the Settings menu icon Gear Icon and select Settings.

    - The Settings window appears with Accounts selected as the default category.

    To the right of "Yahoo Account," click Edit.

    Under "Access your Yahoo Mail elsewhere," select Forward.

    Enter the email address your incoming messages will be sent to in the "Forwarding Address" field.

    Select your forwarding option from the drop-down menu:

    Forward only:

    Your incoming messages are automatically forwarded to your selected email address.

    Copies of the forwarded messages are not saved in your Yahoo Mail account.

    Store and forward: Your incoming messages are delivered to:

    Your Yahoo Mail account's Inbox (or other folder if you have filters set up).

    The forwarding email address you designated.

    Store and forward and mark as read: Your incoming messages are:

    Delivered to the forwarding email address you designated.

    Your Yahoo Mail account, where they're automatically marked as read.

  • 7 years ago

    CAUTION!!! Molly's instructions below work HOWEVER know that gmail picks up, not only the "new" incoming mail from yahoo… it picks up ALL of what's in the inbox within yahoo - at least that's what it did with mine… and now, the storage limit is exceeded. Ended up having to upgrade to more storage until I can delete messages. Thousands of messages.

    I wonder if there was a way to have set up the forwarding so that only the new incoming mail from yahoo is forwarded. If there is a way, someone please share….

    Nice - gmail - make us think you're doing a service by making it easy to forward other emails… but then leave us without much of an option by having to purchase more storage or get locked out of the account. Ugh.

  • Enabling auto-forwarding:

    Automatically forward emails with Yahoo Mail

    Your incoming emails can be delivered to Yahoo Mail, another email account, or both!

    What is forwarding?

    Mail forwarding sends a copy of incoming email to another email address you define.

    You pick if you want Yahoo Mail to keep a copy or not.

    Enable or disable forwarding

    Forwarding is disabled by default but can easily be turned on or off.

    + Enable forwarding

    Mouse over the Settings menu icon Gear Icon | select Settings.

    Click Edit beside "Yahoo Account."

    Select Forward.

    Enter the address you want to forward your email to and select:

    Store and forward - Email is saved to your account and sent to the forwarding address.

    Forward only - All email is sent directly to the forwarding address.

    Store and forward and mark as read - Email is saved to your account, marked as "Read," and sent to the forwarding address.

    Click Save

  • 6 years ago

    You forward all yahoo mail to Gmail account automatically using given below steps in link.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    FINALLY figured this one out after experiencing the same error message you guys had. Go to settings icon and click account info. It will bring you to a page where all the additional contact info. is and when I scrolled down the email address I was trying to forward to had the message "verify now" in red next to it. Clicked that and FINALLY received my verification email and now forwarding seems to work like a charm.

  • 7 years ago

    Set up a vacation response on Yahoo, make it last for a few years, in the response state you don't check this email any longer and provide the new email address. Sorry Yahoo but I left you for Gmail because your spam filter wasn't cutting it.

  • 7 years ago

    How to get all your emails from Yahoo into the iMac email client (this may work for email clients for PC too):

    1. Go to the computer email client and create the Yahoo account in question (hope you remember the password)

    2. When the emails show up, create mail boxes for what you want to copy from there.

    3. Select the emails you want to keep and while holding Option (Alt in the PC) drag them to the folder(s) you created.

    BE CAREFUL! If you MOVE them they will disappear from Yahoo. You may want to keep them there and do it in another computer too later on.

    4. After you copy all the emails you want, which is really fast, remove the account from the computer email client so you don't affect the account in Yahoo. Or keep it in case you want to know who still writes to that abandoned account.

    Have fun!

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Here's a Video Tutorial :

    Youtube thumbnail

    Its really easy .

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