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I am making a fantasy football trade!!!?

Is cj spiller, torrey smith, and harry douglas for arian foster and ty hilton a good trade?

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    Sorry read it wrong..... DO IT !!!! ignore the rest.. I trashed Spiller sorry bro.

    Not really, it isn't bad but if you need to play Spiller you will downgrade huge I don't know if Torrey and Harry and Spiller can replace the points for Foster and Hilton. Hilton will remain inconsistent because of the way he is used and how far ahead or behind Indy is. Torrey will get the volume from Flacco but it is Flacco.. Foster is the Ave that the offense runs through and will continue to because of the woahs in Houston, he's an injury risk but so is Spiller plus F.Jax has overpowered a lot of Spillers rush attempts. Uncertain/unstable QB play makes Spiller a bad choice. What I've noticed with young QB's and catching backs is that the rookie or young QB's don't check down properly to their catching backs, Fitz did when he was there.. pocket collapse dump to Spiller, now pocket starts to collapse and they take off running and forget to check down. maybe its me I don't like Spillers position in that bad Bills offense with F.Jax and 'insert QB name here'.

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    Oh cool

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    If you are deep at WR do it.

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