Does United Nation Organisation has influence ?

Can you name a single country which is hold by any other country forcefully like Kashmir, Palestine for which the united nation or security council has made some real efforts to help them achieve their Independence ?

From real efforts i mean efforts which concluded in their independence.

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    Katanga was a part of the Belgian Congo that declared its independence after the Congo itself was granted independence (early 1960's). Katanga was basically a puppet state supported by Belgium and its mining interests, in order to create a compliant state that would continue to permit mining on favorable terms.

    However, the UN stepped in and were authorized to engage in offensive military operations to end Katanga's independence, following the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, the Prime Minister of the Congo. They were successful.

    This campaign saw Swedish fighters (the excellent SAAB Tunnan) conduct extensive close air support and ground attack, Irish troops stage a magnificent fight at Jadotville, and Indian troops capture the Katangan capital and end the rebellion.

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    The Korea war was fought entirely by the UN, under UN mandate. The fact that South Korea exists at all is because the UN imposed it's boundaries.

    What you're confused about is the fact that the General Assembly has no real power, that their "votes" are basically nonsense which can be ignored by Security Council, which consists of the actual powerful countries in the world. The UN isn't some sot of confederacy where Andorra is the equal of the UK. It isn't a democracy where India votes for it's people.

    It's a debating society which sometimes allows peaceful negotiations by third parties.

    Look at where the money comes from for UN programs, that is where the real power is. The developed nations merely buy off the poor ones by giving humanitarian and economic aid.

    The UN has no troops. It merely can hope countries are willing to send troops.

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    UN could be a lot more influential if the big 5 did not play the partisan politiks so much.

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