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Economics major in the University of Michigan Ann Arbor question?

As an Econ major, or any business major for that matter, how does Michigan give you a hand's on Michigan experience.

Is it just lectures? Is there any research? What am I going to be offered other than lectures? I love Michigan I just need answers to these questions!

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  • Eddi
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    7 years ago
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    Michigan has one of the best economics faulty in the USA.

    According to ARWU it ranks 15.

    According to US News it ranks 13


    Your lower level courses will be lectures. They may be led by PHd candidates or full professors.

    Your seminars, smaller classes what you primarily take in your junior and senior years should be lead by full professors who are very well known in the field.

    This is the same for most large universities offering economics. The difference is that the level of professor on the Michigan facility is highly qualified if not famous in the field. Michigan is hard and competitive.

    I am not aware of economics internships, please check the school course catalog-- I am sure there is something. Since Michigan has such a high reputation, if you want a summer internship, and interview well, you should be able to get one.

    Having a Michigan degree gives you an advantage when you apply to a Graduate of Professional program.

    I will tell you my personal experience. I did not take undergraduate economics but needed a year of this for the MBA program. I took a combined course- 3 credits -- that was only for grad students in my postion --- combining a normal 6 credit course into 3 - led by one of the most prominent economics professors on staff. It was a lecture with little interaction, but still very interesting.

    Michigan has a bachelors of business administration program that people enter as Juniors. It is highly competitive. Many of the students major in economics for two years, or take course work in it, and then apply to the business program. Placement is high at the end of it.

    The thrust of the Economics Department was much more theoretical when I went. Any coursework emphasizing the positive effects of government economics policy is likely to be taught in the Economics Department.

    Everyone gets up for football games in the fall, and Ann Arbor is a gorgeous college town with great night life and much to do. However, Michigan is more about studying during the weeknights -- it is by no means a party school and will never make a list. Its simply too hard.

    The University of Michigan has suffered a bit in reputation due to bad publicity around the State of Michigan, and the decline in general of public institutions in US News and World Report. At one point, Michigan was 8 in rank in the USA in US News for an undergraduate education, up there with Chicago and Columbia. Now, it has fallen to 28. All public universities have suffered since US News favors private schools in rankings with small class sizes.

    However, in terms of resources, Michigan has the 8th largest endowment in the USA with close to 8 billion stashed away. It has more resources than any school outside of the Northeast and Stanford. So Michigan will always have the resources to be the best. However, in terms of numbers, be prepared for more students in a class, especially at the freshman or sophomore level, then you might get at Harvard or Northwestern.

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