Are there any steam gift cards in Australia?

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    "EB Games is certainly not a place I enjoy browsing in, However, I have been awaiting the ability to directly convert cash into steam wallet funds since I started on steam,

    This was mainly an issue before I was able to get a credit card, I think this will certainly benefit Australian kids if the Wallet cards continue to be sold at stores such as EB in Aus.

    EDIT: is there a certain issue I should be aware of - apart from inflated prices - in regards to the EB hate?

    EDIT2: I went into EB Games yesterday (4th Jun) and they certainly have the wallet cards for sale (they dont shelf them, they use blank DVD covers with steam emblems on them) I ended up coming out of the store with a Logitech G9x mouse for $57 (on clearance from $71) - I witnessed 2 other people walk into the store and also ask if they were selling steam wallet funds. one of them quoted reddit as their reason for asking about the wallet cards."

  • mykit
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    6 years ago

    You can give the gift card of Walmart to anyone as a gift. For more detail go to on this link -

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